San Francisco Seven

The San Francisco Seven are a group of seven Mages based in and around San Francisco. Their motives are largely unknown to the Coterie, but they desire Lu Bu’s Soul Gems, ostensibly to bind his soul back into them, and cast them into an alternate dimension.

With the help of the San Francisco Seven, the Coterie managed to rid the mortal realm of Lu Bu, and now have — if not friends or allies — contacts amongst the magically literate order. The members and general powers of the San Francisco Seven are noted below.

Faust – Leader of the San Francisco Seven. Powerful in Death and Forces magic.

Hercules – Life Magic

Damien – Clairvoyance

Apollo – Fate Manipulation

Tyr – Space and Time

Heimdall – Illusion and Deception

Lethe – Mind Magic

San Francisco Seven

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