Nick Strong


Height – 5’ 11”
Weight – 195lbs
Hair – Brown/Buzzcut


Nick Strong was an American hero. After playing football for the University of San Francisco, he decided to enlist in the Military. He was a soldier in the United States Army where he served 3 tours in Afghanistan, and received a 2 purple hearts. He sacrificed everything for his country.
He had survived many battles with the enemy and come home alive. However many of his friends could never get the battlefield screams out of their head. They were tormented by the ghosts of their slain enemies. Many of them turned their own weapon on themselves to finally end their pain.
Nick saw firsthand, the Government bureaucracy, and unwillingness to help these veterans, when his best friend Dale received no help after being seen by the VA shrinks multiple times. Dale shot himself while he and Nick was on a hunting trip, finally succumbing to the agony.
Nick took his upcoming discharge with bitter-sweetness. He vowed to help all veterans with the pain of war. When Government bullshit again got in the way of Nick helping his comrades, he turned to the Black Dragon Triad. He would receive experimental PTSD medication from drug runners in exchange for some security work.
One of the security tasks he was assigned went horribly wrong. Nick found himself looking down the barrel of a gun. Before the gun went off, an explosion rang out, rendering Nick unconscious. He awoke in a warehouse, surrounded by many unfamiliar faces. A man calling himself Nick’s sire explained the situation, telling how he had actually saved his life, but also telling of the curse he now had.
Nick spent many nights learning about his new powers. His loyalty to his fellow soldiers un-waivered, he continues to work for the Black Dragon Triad to provide medication to the men who need it most.

Nick Strong

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