Lu Bu

Ancient Chinese Spirit


Lu Bu is a warlord, and a Jiangshi from the Han Dynasty of ancient China, known mostly for his cunning betrayals of his superiors. At some point in the past, his soul was bound inside a group of seven sacred gems, suspending his unlife indefinitely.

Through the actions of a group of Kindred in San Francisco, his spirit once again entered the mortal world, possessing the body of Father Lucas Collier, and wreaking havoc amongst the populace of San Francisco.

A Jiangshi is, for lack of a better way to put it, a soul-vampire. They feed on the very essence of their victims, but the exact mechanism is not know. While the first of Lu Bu’s victims were horribly savaged, who can say how he will operate once his wits are back about him?

The combined actions of the Coterie, and the San Francisco Seven saw the soul of Lu Bu bound back into the seven sacred gems, and Faust hurled the gems into another dimension, removing the threat from reality.

Lu Bu

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