Father Lucas Collier

Priest. Saint. Necromancer.



Lucas Collier is an important figure in the Catholic Diocese of San Francisco, running and inhabiting the Bay Point Church. He is a handsome, middle-aged man with a calm and kind demeanor, with pain behind his eyes.

Lucas does his best to hide his Awakened nature from everybody he interacts with, using magic sparingly, and cautiously, usually for charitable ends. There are whispers amongst his congregation that he is a living saint, capable of miracles, but Lucas is the first to dismiss these claims.

During a ritual meant to speak with the soul of Lu Bu, whose soul was contained within a septet of enchanted gems, Lucas was possessed by the ancient, hostile spirit.

After about a week of being possessed by the spirit of Lu Bu, Lucas was freed from his affliction by the Coterie (unfortunately receiving a serious beating with peach wood clubs in the process). After the experience, he retreated back to his Church, and has instructed the Coterie to never contact him again.

Father Lucas Collier

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