Downtrodden Chauffeur



Archibald is a mild-tempered, friendly man who makes his living as the driver for Ms. [:candace-boyle]. He’s not a fan of the abrasive young woman, but doesn’t see many other options.

Archibald was assaulted by Nick Strong during the Coterie’s investigations into Lu Bu’s soul gems, and revived via Vitae by Professor Afallon. He has yet to show any signs of blood addiction.

In repayment for “rescuing” him from lying unconscious in an alley, Archibald gave one favor to Professor Afallon, which was redeemed when he needed to break into Candace’s estate to procure the Chāoyuè Shēngsǐ de Jìngjiè de Mìmì.

Professor Afallon later administered several doses of his own Vitae to Archibald surreptitiously, turning him into a loyal servant and ghoul. He abandoned his old post as Candace Boyle’s driver to accompany the Coterie on their shenanigans.


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