Thicker Than Blood

Lu Bu's Curse - Part V

The Thrilling Conclusion

The time had come at last to put the spirit of Lu Bu to rest, once and for all. The Coterie gathered at the Golden Koi restaurant with Wei Shen, and the San Francisco Seven to plan their next moves. First, they decided to reconnoiter the back-alley casino that the Zhei-Fen Triad operated out of, to glean any information they could.

Taking Lethe, one of the Seven with them, they brutally beat and abducted the two door guards outside of the Triad hideout. Screeching off into the distance, they drove for a short time before pulling into an alleyway, allowing Lethe to work her magic. She ripped information from the mind of one of the unfortunate guards, though in so doing was severely weakened from touching his tainted consciousness. The Coterie now knew they were up against formidable odds. 16 armed Triad guards, and Lu Bu himself.

Wasting no time, they formulated a plan of attack. They would enter through the roof access, protected by enchantments and watched over by the mages. They would strike hard, and fast, attempting to turn the tides of the battle before their enemy even realized it had begun. The plan nearly failed before it began, when one of the guards patrolling outside spotted movement on the rooftop. Drawing near to investigate, Nick Strong leapt from the rooftop and brutally savaged the man with he unholy strength, culminating in a messy decapitation. Scampering back up to the rooftop, they wasted no time in breaching the door.

Rushing in, the Coterie inflicted heavy and sudden losses on the Triad, killing or knocking out nearly half of their number within the first few seconds with the assistance of Faust and Hercules. Seconds after the initial flurry of combat, more than half of the Triad combatants lay dead, with only Hercules and Professor Afallon wounded on the other side. And then, Lu Bu arrived.

A hellish shriek echoed through the room as Lu Bu smashed through the door from the back office, turning to fear as an array of mirrors plastered over the jackets of the Coterie confronted him. Lu Bu pulled on every ounce of willpower and strength he had, but even his formidable powers were no match for the Coterie in his state of weakness.

Blow after blow from the Coterie’s peachwood clubs rained down upon him, each strike eliciting a pained howl, and a small stream of inky black vapor to rise from Father Lucas Collier, Lu Bu’s host. Finally, after a crushing blow from Heilyn, and a final strike from Nick Strong, Lu Bu collapsed to the ground, vomiting thick, umbral vapors from every orifice.

Springing into action, the mages began their rite of binding, trapping Lu Bu’s soul back into the gems that started this whole fiasco, and with no hesitation, Faust ripped a hole in reality using The Subtle Knife, banishing Lu Bu to another realm.

Lucas was in bad shape after the fight, having been beaten half to death with peach-wood clubs. After a touch of medical care from Heilyn, and a quick nip of Vitae from Sofia, Lucas demanded that none present ever contact him again, and limped stoically from the destroyed casino. The San Francisco Seven, and the Coterie left before Law Enforcement could arrive on the scene, and reported their success back to Wei Shen.

As promised, the Coterie was rewarded. They were granted ownership of a small curio shop on the eastern edge of Chinatown, and a one-half share of profits at an upscale restaurant run as a money-laundering operation by Lu Bu.

But the nightmares are just beginning.



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