A World of Shadows

When the sun goes down, and the unaware denizens of the world settle in for an uneventful night, an entirely different world awakens. With darkness comes intrigue, and enigma, occult mysteries that modern man knows nothing about, monsters whose existence is only spoken of in hushed whispers.

Vampires. Warlocks. Werewolves. In every city of every nation, if you know where to look, there exists, and perhaps even thrives, a strange underworld filled with creatures thought long extinct — if they ever lived at all, some say.

Beholden to a different reality, and a different set of rules, the Kindred of San Francisco prowl the streets at night, playing their own shadowy game, dancing to a beat no Mortal hears.

Under cover of darkness, these monsters, who were once men, struggle for survival in a hostile world, threatened not only by the presence of mortals, armed with camera phones and easy access to the internet, but against one another, and even darker threats…

Thicker Than Blood

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